Thursday, April 15, 2010

home sick...

This has been a rough week health-wise for the Toller trio...

Since Sunday, DH has been running fever, coughing, congested, feeling overal blah, and sporting that lovely pasty white color:( (If anyone can wear it though, it's him!;-) Well, last night Lucy started coughing and running temperature on and off all through the night, and she woke up with fever this morning. I'll be taking her to the doctor this afternoon. I feel so bad because she still wants to go outside and play (she LOVES going to the park--never tires of it--and we have such a wonderful park here) but I really don't want her running around since she's been running temperature. We may have to think up a special craft project for this afternoon.

I usually got to D-town on Thursdays to teach piano. I'll admit I'm actually kind of excited to have a day at home. I need to try and get the laundry all caught up and give my house a good deep-cleaning. I have a few sewing projects I'd like to get done today, too. I'd love to get another run in today like I did yesterday (I may blog about that later.) We'll see though. If nothing else, I'm just going to enjoy this day at home with my precious daughter:)

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